Bye Bye Eve

Dear fans, friends and family. After 21 years on stage and nearly 8 great years being the singer of Illusoria, I have to tell you that unfortunatelly our ways part and I have to stop doing music.
Sometimes life changes and there is not enough time to handle several things at the same time. Illusoria is a project which needs a lot of love and time. Although the love for this music will never end, it is not possible for me to spend the time on the band that it really needs.
I want to thank everyone for a wonderful time. Thanks to all the bands, which shared the stage with us. Thanks to all the concert halls, to our great label which supports Illusoria so much. And very special thanks to all the fans, which made my moments on stage really seem like a dream. Thanks to my band Illusoria for the time we could spend together. I enjoy remembering some really funny backstage partys with Hank van der Hemp, hours of driving to gigs in Tobis little band van, singing rainy songs. Some funny freezy moments during recording the music video. We had an awesome time on stage and while songwriting and band rehersal.
Thank you. Stayed tuned. Bye bye.
And never stop listening to Illusoria.
Kisses, Eve