The Band


Mystical, historical and fantastic elements are combined and musically staged by Illusoria, founded by Falko (Guitar) and Michael (Keyboard) in spring 2012. Delivering a fulminating and technically precise rhythmic frame, Vincent became the ideal drummer for Illusoria shortly after its foundation. As Illusoria was always meant to be female-fronted, they went on their search for a female singer and encountered Eve’s powerful and flexible voice in fall 2012 and eventually managed to engage her as permanent singer. In need for a powerful and basis on the low ends Tobias joined the band in December 2013/ 2014.

Illusoria entered the stages in late 2012 and in 2013 played several concerts including small festivals and, together with Arven, played at Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg. Only a few months after its foundation the band entered the studio of Uwe Lulis and recorded their first full-length album Illusory World, which was self-released in April 2013. Towards the end of 2013 Illusoria managed to get Bembel with Care as a sponsoring partner. Additionally, in fall 2013 Jakob was engaged as lead-guitar player and thereby completed the line-up. In 2015 Vincent decided to leave the band. During this time Illusoria is playing live-concerts with several tour-drummers.

In 2017 Andreas Eller joined the band as their new drummer. After Jakob Langenohl had to left the band in 2018, Dominik Barth joined Illusoria with his awesome lead guitar skills.